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Member of TLA since:
Member since May 2011;
Secretary (& Marketing) since November 2013

HEMA Discipline(s) studied:
Longsword, Rapier & Dagger, Sword & Buckler

Marketing Manager
BSc (Hons) DipM MCIM

By day I am a Marketing Manager for an international maintenance chemical company ( supplying to many blue-chip organisations; it also pays the bills and allows me to invest in kit. When not working, most of my time is spent with my kids (Alfred & Mollie) and beautiful wife.

The remaining minutes of what I laughingly call “free time” is shared between Taunton Longsword Association (TLA) admin/committee duties.

How did you discover Historical European Martial Arts?
The company I work for organised a pan-European team building weekend where the theme of the fancy dress evening was “Medieval”. Once the outfit was sorted and the cheap metal sword purchased, I thought I had better learn a few moves to impress my international colleagues. Through the power of the internet, I discovered that there were clubs that taught and practiced this sort of stuff and I was hooked.The closest club I could find back in May 2011 was in Bristol and I really didn’t fancy that commute mid-week.

How did you discover Taunton Longswords?
By a fortuitous coincidence, I was cycling through the local park where Taunton Longswords were practicing, was given a lesson on the spot – and the rest is history.

What are your goals/objectives for doing HEMA? 
Fitness; keeping traditional martial arts alive/propagating knowledge; representing TLA at competitions.

Sporting Career Highlights:

2017 – Wessex League open longsword London
2017 – Wessex League open longsword Reading
2017 – Wessex League open longsword Bristol
2017 – Astolat open longsword – (1st ‘proper’ tournament)!
2017 – TLA Winter Tournament – joint 3rd/4th
2015 – HMB Full Contact Armoured Fighting – Team UK – Quarter Finals, Prague
2014 – HMB Full Contact Armoured Fighting – Team UK – world championships, Croatia
2013 to Current – TLA Committee Member: Secretary & Marketing
2012 – TLA Winter Tournament – 2nd place



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