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Member of TLA since:
January -15

HEMA Discipline(s) studied:

Admin Assistant

Born and raised in Taunton. I studied art and design at college. I went on to study Modelmaking at Arts University Bournemouth where I specialised in sculpting.

I’ve worked various jobs since uni including bar work and volunteering at The Museum of Somerset and have recently started a small business in my spare time selling some of my models.

Apart from HEMA and Taunton Longsword, I’m also a Napoleonic reenactor as part of the fantastic 2nd 95th rifles. Although I am looking to dabble in other eras of the reenacting world over the next few years.

I’ve been in sword fights. I’ve been in an infantry square being charged by French cavalry. I want to be in a shield wall or a Roman Testudo. Experiencing history is, by far, the best way to learn about history.

How did you discover Historical European Martial Arts?
Through reenacting, an interest in history and a desire to try it all out for myself.

How did you discover Taunton Longswords?
Through a friend who attended a couple years ago.

What are your goals/objectives for doing HEMA? 
There’s not much I’m trying to achieve with HEMA except to enjoy myself and give some justification to my growing collection of armour and weapons.

Sporting Career Highlights:
I’ve watched all the Harry Potter films back to back in one sitting.

…Movie Marathons are a sport, right?