Rankings and Results

Club League Table (Live Scores)
The club league table is a visual representation of the combat successes (or not) of the various participating members of the club. Participation is voluntary and may not represent actual skill levels. It is also worth noting that success comes in many forms and the rather arbitrary league table merely reflects the combat aspect for a bit of fun and in the spirit of friendly competition.

How it works:
1. TLA member challenges another TLA member to an “OFFICIAL FIGHT”. This means that the intention is to improve their club standing.

2. An opponent accepts and the combat is set up

3. It is 10 bouts using the standard TLA sparring rule-set Rule Sets For Sparring

4. Once finished, the scores are entered into the table, which updates.

5. The table does not rank members until they have undertaken 3 matches.

6. The table sorts by “Average Score”, then by “Points Diff”.

7. Should a member not undertake an official fight for a while, an “Erosion Factor” has been included that is calculated at 0.01 points per day since the last score update for that person and is subtracted from the average points using this formula: =(points [divided by] combats, minus erosion factor). This has been introduced so that members cannot rest on their success for too long and must protect their position!