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Member since 2015

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In training to become a Conservation Ranger

I have a great love for the natural world and tend to wander off into the woods for a few days at a time, which is one of the many things that led me to retrain as a ranger after years of hopping from one job to another. I decided I wanted to work towards something I could proud of, and looking after something of which I have a great love for seemed the right way to go.
I’ve trained in bush craft and have a great interest in how people of the past lived and thrived without the technology we as a race take for granted and have become so dependent on which has taken me through the ages.
When I’m not in the woods or wandering the moors I tend to while away the hours reading, gardening and turning my fire wood pile into spoons and other useful things I only tend to half finish.

How did you discover Historical European Martial Arts?
It started when I bought a replica of Jon Snow’s sword Longclaw, from Game of Thrones and A Song of Ice and Fire. I mentioned to my Dad that now I had a sword I should learn to use it properly. I never expected it to come to anything but he found a club near where I worked that practiced Italian longsword techniques. After a few months I changed job and needed to find a new club, and came across Taunton Longswords.

How did you discover Taunton Longswords?
After I got a new job I needed to find somewhere closer to home and I found Taunton Longswords. My involvement with their club has made me, or at least I feel, go from strength to strength and I enjoyed it much more than I had before with this new group so I decided to stay. As my knowledge of HEMA grew so did my interest in all aspects of it and now I’m fully hooked and intend to involve myself and learn as much as I can.

What are your goals/objectives for doing HEMA? 
To learn more of a slightly more obscure topic of our history that is often overlooked by most people and to attempt to keep a piece of it alive. I have a keen interest in learning as much as I can of our distant history, whether it be 200 or 2000 years ago.
Also in time if I feel I am able enough and won’t shame myself I’d like to try my hand at full contact historical medieval combat to experience a more, what looks like, chaotic form of fighting of the period.

Sporting Career Highlights:
So far, very little. Our demonstration at the 2016 Wells Film Festival was a highlight as it was my first time against someone in public and felt I did quite well. Though I thought my form was off, I feel I’m still very much a novice.

Competed at Astrolat 2017 in ‘Open Longsword’. Won 1 and lost 2 in the pool stage.