Double The Fun! TLA Now Open TWO Nights Per Week!


TLA are extremely happy to announce that we have been able to secure a second night for training, and allow a limited opening of membership to prospective new members. 🙂

The Committee, seeing the club grow rapidly through 2014 and 2015, begun a serious search for a second night or larger venue in the town during early 2015. Unfortunately, there was nowhere suitable and available.

Then, in quick succession, nearly 18-months later: two venues become available at the same time: the Albemarle (Wednesday nights) and a nearby hall (Tuesdays).

HUZZAH! Our prefered choice of staying at the Albemarle has now been secured and a second night can be run. The content for this second night will be identical to the Monday session, so members who cannot make that one will now have an alternative.

In theory, and after canvassing existing members, there should be a roughly even split of numbers, although this will evolve over time. There are even some members who are relishing the prospect of DOUBLE SWORDS!

About Taunton Longsword Association

Longsword/HENA club, Taunton, Somerset. Not for profit.
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