The Bad Guys Won’t Stop Our Members!

A couple of months ago, one of our members who has been with us for less than 18-months had his kit stolen from his locked car. Naturally, it was all hidden with nothing remotely interesting showing – the thought being that they may have believed it was fishing gear, not realising it was something thing far cooler (and less easy to sell-on).

Unfortunately neither the car nor house insurance covered the loss, and our club insurance couldn’t help either.


Our member had saved hard for his Regenyei feder longsword, steel buckler, and kit bag – and this theft has been an inauspicious start for his interest in the hobby/sport/historical research.

Therefore, the Committee at TLA decided that we would try to help out with replacing his kit, and repay his dedication with our donation.

If you would like to help our member to replace his kit, please click on the PayPal donation button below; Taunton Longswords will match the total!

Spread the love – every little helps and a community spirit goes along way to make a bad situation better!

Donate with PayPal

Donations are anonymous.


Update (7pm 3rd April 2018):

Photos of the missing kit, as requested

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