We look forward to welcoming you to the Taunton Longsword Association (TLA) as a paid up member! If you are already a member and are simply renewing: thank you, we’re going to keep you learning and fighting!

If you are new/researching HEMA or longswords and want to see what it is all about, you do NOT need to become a member immediately. Please “Contact Us” to come along to a session and talk face-to-face.

What does membership of TLA give you? LOTS!

  • Insurance
  • Discounted HEMA kit
  • Twice-weekly training sessions
  • Use of club kit & weapons (a single sword costs over £200 each)
  • Social calendar of events
  • Participation in TLA tournaments
  • Club badge & membership card
  • Option to purchase club apparel (t-shirt included in 2020 fee).

For membership: simply sign up using the form below, ensuring you read the T&C’s fully.

Membership runs annually (52 weeks) and can be purchased at any point through the year with the fee pro-rata to the nearest full week. It is non-refundable. The membership period is 16th October 2019 UNTIL 15th October 2020. Membership is £30 per year (inc VAT). Membership is non-refundable.

  • Membership Sign-Up & Renewal form
    It is VITAL that you visit the Policy Documents Page on this website, read everything, and agree to abide by them (filling this form out is step 1 of you stating that you have read them, step 2 is the check boxes on the form). Should you have any questions, please get in contact.
    CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE FORM (opens in new window/tab).
  • Don’t want to join TLA, but wish to spar with us? No problem!
    Fill in the applicable form:

    • Non-Member, have own club/individual insurance [link to form]
    • Non-Member, have no insurance (waiver for full liability) [link to form]