Local Club, National Affiliation, International Reach.

The “Taunton Longsword Association” (TLA), Taunton’s only historical European martial arts (HEMA) club and one of just four in Somerset, is celebrating being accepted into the nationally recognised organisation “Academy of Historical Arts” (AHA) based in Glasgow, Scotland.

Presiding Chairman of the TLA, Martin Sanders, summed up the benefits of joining the AHA:

Having affiliation with a national organisation shows the group has evolved from a local club working things out for ourselves, to becoming a fully-fledged member of the HEMA community both in the UK and internationally.
The group now has access to a wealth of knowledge and experienced instructors to help us all develop as individuals and the club grow.

Managing Director and Senior Instructor of the AHA, Keith Farrell, commented:

It is a pleasure to welcome the Taunton Longsword Association into the Academy of Historical Arts. Each new affiliation brings a wealth of new experience and ideas to a thriving community of co-operating clubs and schools, giving all of us even more opportunity to learn from each other while studying the arts that interest us so greatly. We look forward to training with the Association and seeing more of you at events around the country!

2016 looks to be a busy year for the Taunton Longsword Association as the club grows and welcomes new members. The first session of the year saw 15 members divided into three distinct study groups: Beginners – learning the basics; Members – starting the new curriculum; and “Advanced”- experiencing sharp sword contact.

Several members have signed up to attend seminars and tournaments later in the year, with others building links with local clubs for an exchange programme. March will see the introduction of a second discipline: “Arming Sword” – the weapon many people link indelibly with the medieval period as a knightly single-handed sword.

Taunton Longswords was established in 2004 and the future is looking bright. HUZZAH!
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The Academy of Historical Arts was established in 2010 and has grown to be a nationally & internationally recognised centre of excellence.
WEB: www.academyofhistoricalarts.co.uk
FB: www.facebook.com/Academy.of.Historical.Arts

About Taunton Longsword Association

Longsword/HENA club, Taunton, Somerset. Not for profit.
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