Neyman Fencing : official supplier to the TLA


The question of where to buy kit specifically for Historical European Martial Arts (HEMA) has always been a bit tricky. In the ‘old days’ – as long ago as 2012 – the casual practitioner would have had to make do with a combination of standard saber/epee/foil fencing gear, re-enactment gambeson and motor cross armour.

Whilst this is still a good enough option for local club training and sparring, today’s national tournaments require a defined and safer set of protective components. Fortunately, with the explosion in interest in HEMA across the world, so a new breed of manufacturers have begun supplying kit designed specifically for the various disciplines. Some have been doing so for years within the community, others have come from re-enactment tailoring services, and there has never been a better time to look for well-fitted and reasonably priced kit: whether you have national tournament aspirations or simply decent protection for club sparring.

The Taunton Longsword Association is very pleased to be able to announce that Neyman Fencing have been nominated as the official kit supplier to the club. A relatively new company to the HEMA market, their fresh approach to the customer (that’s you and I) along with tried and tested gear (Polish HEMA teams) mean that they are extremely easy to deal with, their prices are very attractive, and don’t comprise quality.

Are you “not a standard shape”? No problem, at 6′ 2″ (188cm) I find that many fencing jackets simply do not have the length to cover the torso, especially in the high guards. Happily, customisation is not a problem for Neyman and without the premium charged for the privilege.

The TLA look forward to recommending Neyman Fencing in the future (and wearing it).


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