TLA now registered with the IMASA

Taunton Longsword Association (TLA) is pleased to be able to announce our application to join the Independent Martial Art Sports Association (IMASA) has been successful and we are certified members!

About the IMASA:

TLA reg certificate IMASA 2017-2018

“The Independent Martial Art Sports Association was set up by Martial Artists for the benefit of all Martial Arts and Sports Club Owners.

The purposes of IMASA is to promote all Amateur Sports and Martial Arts in the UK’s community and participation in the same Nationally”.

IMASA LogoThe IMASA are a growing presence in the Historical European Martial Art’s (HEMA) world with their affordable instructor insurance and club member cover. It has taken over three years of research and committee discussion to actually find insurance suitable for the TLA that offers more than just standard (£5M) Public Liability (PL) cover…and finally we have.

Just to reassure readers and members of the TLA – in over 12-years we have not had a single instance where we have had cause (or desired) to make a claim on any insurance – and we sincerely hope that this continues forever! However, with increasing popularity and awareness of HEMA in general, it is a foolish club that does not have some level of PL, at the very least, in place. IMASA insurance is currently underwritten by Allianz Insurance. allianz_logo

All our card-carrying members are registered with the IMASA and have their own unique ID code. We continue to recommend that all members, and anyone else, who competes in competitions has their own insurance from a specialist provider in addition to the cover offered by the IMASA.

With insurance now so accessible and affordable, and the IMASA so easy to have dialogue with (thank you to Paul for all your assistance); club leaders and instructors should get in contact with the IMASA and see what they can do for you!


Kieran (Secretary)

About Taunton Longsword Association

Longsword/HENA club, Taunton, Somerset. Not for profit.
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