Kit, more kit, and very happy TLA members!

Investment in kit is a big deal for any individual, regardless of favoured discipline, and the same is true for clubs. Therefore, with the rational mind tempering instant gratification and an emotional heart screaming for more shiny things and the latest colour options for soft kit… there has been a recent avalanche of kit arriving at TLA!

Over the last few months, TLA members have seen a steady stream of longsword feders being delivered to them, predominantly made by Regenyei as the go-to sword of choice, but one member took ownership of a fantastic Ensifer. A Regenyei montante was also given a new home, adding an interesting option to the forthcoming rapier course.

As you can see, the awesome and superb Neyman Fencing are the supplier of choice for TLA, and their orderbooks have been buzzing, particularly with their new Neyman Outlet Shop which is a gift which keeps on giving!

At a club level, kit investment placed safety first with the order of four very nice gorgets from Winter Tree Crafts, and several members took the opportunity to split the postage costs and get their own.

Perhaps the most exciting club kit investment (certainly the largest) has been ten Blackfencer synthetic rapiers (cup hilt) for the winter rapier course. Again, a couple of members took advantage of postage savings and ordered their own (plus a synthetic saber). Its worth pointing out that we ordered these through Neyman Fencing, who looked after us very well and kept us informed at every stage of the very long production lead-time.

(apologies for the photo, not had time to take a properly staged one. Cat was not included):


Next, we decided that it was a good idea to also invest in some of the prototype Blackfencer Synthetic Sail Daggers to go with the rapiers, and so ten have been requested. Shortly after the order went it, it became a standard shop item… coincidence? Possibly, but you can thank us later. 😜.



Hopefully, these should be arriving in the next couple of weeks.

After all this expenditure single handedly flicking the two-fingered salute to trade wars, neo-localism and Brexit; our sweaty palms have collectively let go of the bank cards and PayPal logins… although I hear rumours of more kit orders heading to Neyman soon….


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