Return to training: Wednesday 19th May, Huzzah!

The Committee had a socially distanced meeting yesterday and agreed we can return to training, with precautions.

Prior to the current lockdown, we operated a 6-person maximum for each room with preregistration required for contact tracing and to ensure numbers do not exceed those permitted. We will do the same again.

We expect to run on both Monday’s [19:00 to 21:00] and Wednesday’s [19:30 to 21:30] but will keep a close watch on numbers and combine into one day only if the attendance is low, otherwise we don’t breakeven/lose money on a session.

It’s been quite some time since we did any swording so it’s back to basics to refresh memories and (more importantly) ease in muscles and bodies to stances and moves (cue sounds of crackling joints and groans)!

Kit: minimal requirements. Face mask (covid type). Fencing mask. Gloves. Drink/hydration.
Sanitised club kit will be available for those without/newbies.

We have a list of people wishing to join and will welcome them along (space depending) on Monday 21st June. If you would like to see what TLA and ‘medieval swording’ is all about, drop us a message or email.

Questions or concerns? Use Facebook messenger or email to get in contact.

About Taunton Longsword Association

Longsword/HENA club, Taunton, Somerset. Not for profit.
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